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Scuba Diving in Santorini Published: 14.10.2008 | Author: Mike | Category: Extreme Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Men's All Black UK , Holidays, Hotels, Recreation And Sports, Travel & Leisure
I had always fancied scuba diving but never quite got around to doing it. I have snorkelled in some of the most beautiful places on earth 鈥?off the coasts of Australia, Kenya and Mexico 鈥?but never got around to taking a PADI qualification to really explore the world beneath the waves.

Last summer I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Santorini, an island off the coast of Greece. The hotel in which we were staying, and this is probably true of all the Santorini hotels, had a number of brochures detailing the diving schools available on the island. The brochures all showed amazing pictures of people scuba diving in clear water, exploring caves and reefs and ruins.

The sea temperature in this part of the world is very pleasant and the idea of coming away from my holiday with more than just a tan became more appealing the longer I thought about it. There are at least five or six different companies offering scuba training and there was a fairly wide range of prices. The one I chose wasn鈥檛 cheap, but I checked the Internet and discovered it would cost me about 50% more to do the same thing in the UK. When it comes down to it, learning to dive in the frigid waters of some flooded quarry in the UK doesn鈥檛 appeal nearly as much as learning in the clear blue water of the Aegean.

It took 4 days for my girlfriend and I to get our Open Water Diver certificates. There was a mixture of theory and practice. Each night, when we got back to our Santorini hotel Air Max 97 Men's Nike All White Shoes UK , we were exhausted and ready for bed. The trouble is, there are so many great restaurants and bars on the island that it seemed almost a crime not to experience them. So we did.

Santorini hotels, bars, schools and every other building you could think of are painted white. The effect was nearly blinding during the day. Drget your sunglasses. There are lots of towns and villages on top of the cliffs which ring the bay, and every one seems to have a perfect little restaurant or bar offering great food and stunning views of the lagoon. I am not surprised some people go back year after year. If you want my advice though, you should do most of your exploring under the water.

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