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FRANCISCO http://www.redsteamproshop.com/t-shirts/ , Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Researchers have found a way to arrest the development of flowers in poplar trees, so as to control the unintentional spread of engineered or non-native tree species.

In their work published this week in Nature Biotechnology, lead author Amy Klocko, postdoctoral researcher in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University (OSU), and her colleagues used a technique known as RNA interference to suppress a gene, called LEAFY http://www.redsteamproshop.com/hoodie/ , that is known to play a central role in the development of flowers in poplars and many other plants.

The researchers grew trees that LEAFY was still present, but RNA interference was applied to slow down the gene's activity in experimental field trials authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, of the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Before the trees flowered, the researchers collected hundreds of small twigs containing flower buds and studied the flowers that emerged in the laboratory.

"We noticed that some of the reproductive parts were tiny," Klocko was quoted as saying by a news release from OSU. "And we wondered if the flowers would have that same feature when they opened in the plantation. And they did."

By studying genetic activity in those trees http://www.redsteamproshop.com/customized/ , the researchers showed that the undeveloped flowers could be traced to the impact of RNA interference on the LEAFY gene.

"Our goal isn't to make reproductively modified trees just to have that trait," said Klocko. "It's to prevent genetically modified or non-native trees from spreading, either to wild forests or to other plantations. This would help alleviate concerns over gene flow, whether for scientific or ethical reasons."

The finding, according to the researchers, could be applied to commercial plantations of fast-growing hybrid poplars http://www.redsteamproshop.com/ , which are not genetically engineered in the United

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