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CANBERRA Travis Shaw Jersey , March 23 (Xinhua) -- Bali is expected to become Australia's top tourist destination after the Indonesian government waived the much-maligned visa entry fee for Australians.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo made the announcement that Australia would be added to the list of the countries exempt from the 50-Australian-dollar (38 U.S. dollar) fee on Wednesday, which has been a constant source of annoyance for sun-seeking Aussie holidaymakers.

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) welcomed the decision although Indonesia is yet to settle on a date when the law will formally take affect.

"Australia is one of 169 countries granted visa-free visits," the DFAT spokeswoman said in a statement on Wednesday. "Australian tourists will be able to take visa-free visits for up to 30-days."

However, according to Cindy Lugte Stephen Vogt Jersey , the curator of a Balinese travel website, many Australian arrivals in the region had already benefited from the decision.

"(Today's) early morning arrivals still had to pay for the visa while lucky late afternoon visitors were told to keep their money and enjoy their holiday in Bali," Lugten, coordinator of Bali Ryan Braun Jersey , told News Corp on Wednesday.

"It might take a while before it is completely implemented at the other designated airports but Bali seems to be ready."

Around 1 million Australians travel annually to the small Indonesian island, known as an affordable holiday haven for beach goers.

In 2014, a report estimated that Indonesia was Australia's second most visited nation, just behind New Zealand with 1.2 million tourists.

Lugten said she believed the new laws would allay any fears Australians had about coming to Bali Robin Yount Jersey , and result in Indonesia - and more specifically Bali - supplanting New Zealand as Australia's most visited travel destination.

"Almost all of the questions we received at Bali were related to visa requirements," Lugten said. "Now visitors can concentrate on more fun matters and use the money to support the local businesses."

Nine other countries also won the exemption, including Ukraine, Bangladesh Paul Molitor Jersey , Albania, Malawi, Nepal, Paraguay Orlando Arcia Jersey , Samoa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

New Zealand, China, Britain Matt Garza Jersey , the United States and Russia are already on the list, and citizens of those countries can enter Indonesia without paying the nominal fee.

Some Things That You May Find Out On Miami Elevators Some Things That You May Find Out On Miami Elevators June 9, 2013 | Author: Teri Farley | Posted in Customer Service

Every storied house should have means and ways of making people get to the last floor. Apart from the stairs, you may want to install Miami elevators to enable people access the floors of interest as fast as possible. In this way it will be very simple to get what you are in need of and it also saves a lot of time.

In order to enjoy the services of these systems Lorenzo Cain Jersey , they must be installed by professionals whose skills are competitive. Some contractors may not fix these devices in the right way. This can result into serious complications as the building may even collapse. This implies that you have to find a reliable firm to do the work.

Popular companies will not disappoint you very much. This is because you expect them to have some experience on the job. New firms in this industry may not work well. As long as the staffs in the firm are highly qualified, you are unlikely to have issues. Technicians are supposed to be aware of the principle behind this system. In this way you will never have problems.

After installation, the elevator must be maintained so that it works efficiently. Such machines require regular inspection so that problems are detected early enough before they become obvious. Any system that lack proper maintenance measures cannot last longer. In order to minimize such cases, the company concerned with its fixation should pay regular visit to check the proper functioning of your elevator.

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