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A hungry wolf walks down the mountain to a village looking for food. He quietly makes his way among a flock of sheep and grabs one of them. The sheep starts bleeding and the wolf starts dragging his prey out of the flock. The other sheep just go with the killer.

This brilliant illustration of the “herd mentality” is the kind of stuff that Serbian director Emir Kusturica frowns at — and wins fans.

“Stupid Timo Werner Deutschland Trikot ,” he says, when asked to describe his feelings about walking on the red carpet. “For some people, the ultimate goal in life is to walk on a red carpet. It is a dream of them, but it is my nightmare.”

The Serbian, 62, has brought home awards from all the three big European film festivals — Berlin, Cannes and Venice — besides other awards from prominent international film festivals.

As head of the jury of the 2016 Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Mesut Ozil Deutschland Trikot , Kusturica had no choice but to walk down the red carpet. The above story was his way of letting it known that his priorities lied elsewhere.

At the Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival, which he co-founded and is held in a Serbian village in January, “there’s no red carpet.”

In fact, the festival opened in 2008 with a burial procession of “Die Hard 4.0” at the Bad Films Cemetery! Eight years down the line, Kusturica admits he had given up his fight against Hollywood.

“I am just discovering that the cinema of today is really different from the 1990s. It is transforming into a new shape globally, and I hope it will thrive,” he says.

“A huge amount of films are made every year. When I was competing in 1985 in Cannes Sandro Wagner Deutschland Trikot , the commission selected from 820 movies. Today, there are usually around 2,000. The quantity is growing, which doesn’t mean the quality is growing as well. In 10 years, the number of films will continue to increase, which means the number of commercial garbage will also increase.”

He says a new language has to be found — a language that is “in between television, YouTube and iPhones. We learned how to make cinema that will be shown on a big screen Toni Kroos Deutschland Trikot , but today’s cinema is abating to almost no screen.”

“In the end it is going to turn out like glasses, or it is going to be injected in your brain.”

He is not at all excited about the new technologies that have re-invented and re-defined cinema

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