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WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, in a phone call Thursday Womens John Smoltz Jersey , discussed deconfliction of the two countries' operations against Islamic States (IS) in Syria.

Kerry and Lavrov "talked about the importance of moving forward towards on tactical discussions and dialogue towards the goal of de-confliction, again to avoid mishaps and misunderstandings, particularly in the air," State Department spokesman John Kirby said at a press briefing.

However, there were "no tactical level decisions" made during the 30-minute phone call Dansby Swanson Authentic Jersey , Kirby added.

Talking about whether the Washington-Moscow talks on Syria will moving forward, Kirby said that "I don't think we're at the point where there are hard and fast modalities as to what the process will look like."

"The secretary repeated our concerns about the preponderance of targets that are being struck by Russian military forces that are not ISIL-related," Kirby said, using another acronym for the militant group in Syria.

Skeptical about Russia's intention in Syria, Kerry said last week that "we would have grave concerns should Russia strike areas where ISIL and al-Qaida-affiliated targets are not operating."

Russia insisted that its military operations in Syria only targeted terrorists.

The two also talked on Ukraine issues during the phone talks.

Kerry "again raised the Minsk agreement and the importance of moving forward on full implementation of the Minsk agreement" Freddie Freeman Authentic Jersey , Kirby said.

Kirby said he could not confirm reports that Russian missiles had crashed in Iran.

"I've seen those reports but I'am not in a position to confirm them at this time," he said.

Not very long ago the currency of Buenos Aires was tied to the US dollar. While this fabulous city offered great panache and European flair, it had spiraling inflation and was as pricey to visit as any other major metropolis. That all changed in 2002 when the Argentine Peso was liberated to float on its own and experienced a significant devaluation. In the five years since, while the Peso has slowly gained in value, Argentina has become the darling of jet set travelers flocking to bargain shop in trendy boutiques filled with European designer goods Hank Aaron Authentic Jersey , dine in world class restaurants and learn to Tango.

So what makes this city such a magnet for those in the know? Quite simply, the city sizzles! Often called the Paris of South America, the streets hum with the exuberance of a culture that has embraced its uniqueness and has rediscovered its youthful vitality. Buenos Aires enjoys a vibrant cafe society where artisans mold works of vibrant color, musicians old and young revel in the music of the street, and nothing seems more important than gathering with friends to discuss the news of the day.

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