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October 13, 2008, is an unforgettable day. Because on this day, we ushered in the first autumn school sports meeting to enter Xiangshan Middle School. The students are particularly excited. God seems to know that we have a good day today, especially for the weavers to make a piece of floral cloth with the most beautiful patterns to help Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa. I saw a few white clouds floating in the blue sky, just like the blossoming waves in the blue waves Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons, people looked very comfortable!:30 in the morning, our teachers and students sat around the stadium and waited quietly for the start of the game. According to the arrangement of the Games Cheep Newports With Stamps, the opening ceremony of the 2008 Autumn Games was held first Newport Soft Pack Carton. The sports team teacher presided over the meeting and the secretary announced that the sports meeting officially began Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa. Along with the majestic "The March of the Volunteers", all of our classmates came to the playground in a neat team, and they were full of "pre-match sports" - broadcast gymnastics.e enthusiastic cheers of the students, the Games officially began. According to our understanding, the games of this Games are very rich. There are high jumps, long jumps, throwing badminton, throwing solid balls, running, etc. The most anticipated one is the men's 4*100m relay race, because this project has the team's strongest four-class classmates called ��Running King��.xciting game began, and the athletes were swayed on their respective runways, each bowed, their left legs bent, their eyes fixed on the front, nervously waiting for the referee's order. The air seemed to solidify, and the playground that was originally awkward was quiet, and all the audience held their breath. Time passed in minutes and seconds. Finally, with a bang, the guns rang and the athletes rushed out like arrows. The whole audience was boiling, and the students sitting at the playground were cheering for their own athletes. We are no exception, yelling at the name of the athlete with a throat. Not good, the second great Ding Zhi is behind because of the instability. The third great Jiang Yuchao seems to have cramps on his legs. It��s really a house leak and it��s raining all night. The classmates in our class are all dying. Some of the students looked at the general trend and went back to their homes sadly. But there are still a few lucky people who shouted loudly there. The fourth bar, Li Hongqi, took over. He saw his eyes closed and struggled to catch up. However, due to the long distance from the front, even though he did his best, he finally did not help and became the last one in this group.y's sports meeting is over, but our mood has not been calm for a long time. Men's 4*100m relay race, although our class got the last one, but we know they have done their best. Their "excellent" performance on the court, let us get something more valuable than the ranking, that is, the spirit of perseverance and harent] The author narrates the first sports meeting after entering middle school. Because it is a personal experience, it is very delicate and realistic. Whether it is a psychological description, an environment, or an action description, it is written in a vivid way. You see, the tense 4*100m relay race, written so well, is really rare: "The air seems to be solidified. The playground that was originally awkward is quiet, all the audience are holding their breath..." In the end, "the sports will let me get something more valuable than the ranking, that is, the spirit of perseverance and hard work", revealing the main purpose of this article and playing the role ot the article must be written specifically and must be written by people and things that are familiar to them.

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