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Any NFL executive will tell you that the key to compiling a team is to get value for your players. It becomes increasingly challenging to achieve this goal the more talented that your team becomes. We have seen this in the regression of Super Bowl teams like the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks Josh Oliver Jersey , who have been unable to retain all their good players. An additional challenge in recent years has been the rising cost of talented quarterbacks. It is not uncommon for one's signal caller to take up a tenth of the team's payroll, all for one player out of 53. While things like the franchise tag have been adapted to assist in these calculations, the fact is that getting a "team friendly" contract for a franchise quarterback is paramount in building a championship team. As such, this list will count down seven bargain quarterback contracts, and eight that are too exorbitant. By looking at this list as a whole, the reader should begin to understand how much a quarterback's pay (and the performance that they get back for said pay) can contribute to how successful an overall franchise can be. If you can think of any quarterback contracts which are bargains (or perhaps just the opposite) that didn't make our list, feel free to mention them in the comments. It might be a bit unfair to expect grown men to http://www.jaguarscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-quincy-williams-ii-jersey , once a week, psych themselves into a frenzy, pound on each other like they're going to war, try to dominate another person for 60 solid minutes, and then shower, dress nicely and act like Mr. Rogers. Unfortunately for the hundreds of guys who don the gear of an NFL player on bright, cool fall Sundays Ryquell Armstead Jersey , that's exactly what we expect.If pro football players were paid like, say, coal miners, we may extend them a break--a courtesy, if you will. We might allow for the table manners of a farm animal, the sensibilities of a longshoreman and the family life of a reality TV star. But these athletes are paid well, far beyond the income of the average fan that watches them http://www.jaguarscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-gardner-minshew-ii-jersey , while devouring the products which the NFL's sponsors pay huge dollars to place in front of their faces. Thus deeply invested, it is our option to expect these gridiron warriors to be examples to our kids by staying off drugs, not driving with a blood alcohol level 20X the legal limit, and especially not knocking their wife or kids around their spacious ranch with the four car garage.Here are 15 current and recent NFL players who are fortunate to only be called morons.

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