#1 2019 New Parra x Nike SB Will Release Soon von blair2019 12.07.2019 15:29

The Dutch artists Parra and Nike have all been famous for their joint names. Pop art, which is highly saturated and surrealistic, is unique in the sneaker circle! The identity of Parra's skater also contributed to the birth of the joint Nike Dunk SB Low! The Parra x Nike SB shoe is covered in a wide range of white leather, lined with a Parra color abstract pattern, and the toe is embellished with Mini Swoosh! The biggest highlight is that the shoe body Swoosh is created by the signature blue, red, orange and pink embroidery overlays, and is injected into the fleece material. The visual performance is similar to the naked eye 3D. Nike SB and Parra lettering appear on the tongue, insole, heel and shoelace head. The overall artistic atmosphere is rich and detailed, showing extraordinary personality!

Unlike the black toes that emerged last year, this year's Air Jordan 1 has played with new tricks, and almost every new color can see an unprecedented new design. This year's "most strange shoes" strong competitors, a line of Air Jordan 1 will be released this month, the official map has been released. Air Jordan 1 High OG Defiant still shows the classic color combination, black and white color, red line outlines the upper line, the style is similar to last year's rabbit star color. The strangest place appeared in the design of Swoosh, there should be 4 hooks inside and outside the feet, but these shoes only have yellow Swoosh stitched on the inside of the left foot. The other Swoosh outlines with only the red thread heads seem to have been removed, so there is another name for "spooling". The unique design makes this shoe look different from different angles, personality index report.

As one of Nike Shoes most classic series, Air Max has accumulated a high popularity in more than 30 years of history, and a new pair of Nike Air Max 200 will be officially launched. The design continues the traditional style of the Air Max family, and the color scheme pays homage to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. The vintage upper design, combined with the colorful theme, is more suitable for summer wear. The Air Max air cushion is mounted on the back of the palm, and the color scheme is an exclusive shoe for girls.

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